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The Expansion Continues…

August 19th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

Keyframe Update

Keyframe has expanded to over 40 artists. Our main floor of approx. 8500 sq ft is full and we are hard at work sketching out design possibilities for our lower floor. We have some ace projects in the pipe, including work on Vikings Season 4, Season 1 of the animated series Terrific Trucks,  the upcoming kids series, Ollie: The Boy Who Became What He Ate, and last- but certainly NOT least…Season 2 of SYFY channel hit The Expanse!

Stay tuned for more news and some sneak previews!

We’ve been nominated…

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NE Award

So, It’s gold medal season…

We’ve been strong in the pole vault.  We’ve pretty much nailed our dives with no splash.  Our co-founder, Darren Cranford has already proven his prowess on the trampoline…

But what we are genuinely excited about is our recent nomination for Niagara Award under the Category of Established Entrepreneur.

5 years ago we won the InnovativeEntrepreneur prize and back in 2001, we won the Youth category.  Sometimes, With your head down and eyes glued to your work screen, you can forget to just look up…Let alone remember just how far we’ve come since first opening our doors. We love this community and we love being a part of it, so this is a real honor.


Needless to say,We are also very proud of this years nomination. Thank you for thinking of us.




The Expansion.

June 16th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

That was a play on THE EXPANSE.

But…more on that later…

Keyframe Studios growing again.  Big time.

Let’s have some animation news first:

Keyframe Animation has just completed work on Bibleman, an animated series for P23 Entertainment.

That’s not all though.  Keyframe Animation is currently in production on Ollie, The Boy Who Became What He Ate for the Toronto -based Radical Sheep crew.

And this just in: Keyframe Animation  has received the green light on a second project for Radical Sheep called TEE & MO. 52 x 7 minute episodes due to air in late 2017.

The Keyframe VFX department,  Krow VFX,  is busy prepping Season 2 of the smash-hit sci fi series, The Expanse with Alcon Entertainment for the SYFY Network. 13 more hours of deep-space action and intrigue!

As if that wasn’t exhausting enough…

Keyframe Animation and Krow VFX are currently working with Breakthrough Entertainment on the live action children’s series Terrific Trucks…38 x 11 minute episodes for Sprout.

There is more news coming…

We’re gonna grab an espresso first though, ok?


Shadowhunters, now playing…

January 18th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

Shadowhunters is now airing on ABC FAMILY! Check your local listings…

If you missed the premiere, catch the first episode and catch up.

Keyframe is very excited to be bringing the Mortal instruments story to life!

Check out the official website here:

Join the Crew! Pipeline Developer Needed.

January 18th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

Keyframe has a position open.


Pipeline Developer Needed – Niagara Studio
We are seeking a Software Developer, to help develop tools and processes for our production pipeline. Experience in the visual effects and or animation industry is required. Experience with pipeline software such as Shotgun is required.

As a pipeline developer, you will be required to create software tools used by artists in all departments that will assist, manage and deliver complex graphics scenes.

You will be working with industry-standard tools such as 3DMax, Maya, shotgun and Nuke.

You will be expected to identifying issues and adapt the pipeline accordingly. You will be expected to work in tandem with TDs and senior department heads daily with a primary goal of making tools and processes easier, streamlined and to some extent automated within the pipeline.


*    Computer Science or Engineering
*   Experience developing in C++ and Python
*   Minimum 2 years’ experience working with industry standard applications such as 3DMax, Maya, Nuke, MentalRay, RenderMan, and Shotgun etc.
*   Experience with SCM systems, and continuous build and test environments
*   Strong software design and engineering skills
*   A passion for delivering software solutions to end users
*   A desire to continuously learn and develop new skills
*   Good planning and estimating abilities
*   An ability to quickly acquire a working understanding of both off-the-shelf and proprietary software tools
*   Able to work with others under pressure.
*   An ability to work in a collaborative environment, take direction and possess good communication skills

Keyframe Takes Miami

January 6th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

Yeah yeah, we are based in Canada. It’s cold. Mighty cold, if truth be told.  That doesn’t mean the Keyframe Away Team is heading to Miami for just sun and salsa dancing. (More on that later.) We are heading south to hit the Kidscreen Summit again.  It’s been a big VFX year for us, but we’ve been working on 3 massive animation projects, as well as Keyframe’s own original animated programming.  And that’s not all!  Expect live tweeting, photo updates and a few big announcements very soon!

If you’re heading to Kidscreen and would like to meet up, drop us a line!



The Expanse is GO for Season 2!

January 6th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

We are excited to pass on the great news…SYFY’s runaway hit THE EXPANSE has been green-lit for a second glorious second season!  Congrats to Everyone who brought the incredible LEVIATHAN WAKES book to the screen.

We have to head back into deep space, erm, work…So, take a look here for more info:


Also, if you haven’t watched Season one of The Expanse yet…Then get to it!


Let’s be friends. Add us on FACEBOOK.

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This can’t be big news…

But we are on FACEBOOK.  We have a feeling you are too.  Wanna be friends?  We dig movies & tv shows and doing vfx and animation for them.  Mainly we post a lot about that.  Occasionally,  we post what music we are listening to while we’re up really late trying to get a spaceship to jump into FTL just right.  Sci fi stuff.  Fun stuff.  Your kind of stuff.

Here is a link:

That’s not all…We are on Instagram too.


The Expanse Premieres Tonight on SYFY!

December 14th, 2015 Posted by News No Comment yet


Doing anything cool tonight?
I know what you’re doing tonight! THE EXPANSE premieres on the SYFY channel. Let’s all watch it together, shall we? Someone bring chips.

Here is a great article about the show.…/…

A Christmas Horror Story now on Blu-Ray!

November 24th, 2015 Posted by News No Comment yet

Speaking of Christmas coming early…(Were we?)

A Christmas Horror Story is out on Blu-Ray Today!
It’s the perfect gift for all your Horror loving/ Shatner loving/ VFX loving loved ones!  If your family is anything like ours, that is…